The Practitioner Liberation Project Presents:

How to Get Clients or Patients
for Your Online Health Practice

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Are you ready to learn several ways to get a steady flow of clients or patients so you NEVER have to give up your dream of helping people? Join us today and learn...

  • How To Stand Out In A Sea of Nutrition Pros - Without Being Someone You’re Not
  • The "Free Consultation" Script That Turns Complete Strangers Into Paying Clients (That You Can Use in Your Practice Immediately After the Webinar)
  • How to Build a Steady Flow of New Clients From Facebook
  • CASE STUDY: How Jaime Established a 6-week waiting list of clients last year (And still had time for her family)
  • How to Turn Your Health Passion into a 6-figure Online Business
  • Join us in impacting millions of lives!




Jul 24th

at 8pm Pacific, 11pm Eastern

Presented by

Jordan Reasoner


Steven Wright

Jordan and Steve were two poor kids from Michigan working in the auto-industry and suffering from debilitating health issues. After they turned around their health, they helped others do the same, creating a $367,027/year part-time health consulting practice, laying the groundwork for a 7-figure online business. Now, through the "Practitioner Liberation Project," they're committed to helping you turn your passion for health into a successful online business.

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Here's some feedback about how valuable this presentation is:

“Hi Jordan and Steve, I tried your advice from webinar and it's working great. I had my first free calls yesterday and was able to transform 100% into paying clients (just 3 calls, but hey, for me it's great). So thanks for putting this stuff together. It's really what I needed.”

Dr. Simone

“Love your heart Jordan; thanks for sharing it in various junctures during the call.”


“I love how these guys are telling the TRUTH. Business is a completely different ballgame. There are millions of people who need our help. You become successful by modelling success. These guys got it down.”


“Very nicely laid out! Easy to follow.”


“I like the concept of thinking what the internal dialogue of the clients rather than what the clinician DID or does.”


“Yo guys I just wanted to say thank you Steve and Jordan and everyone at SCDlifestyle. You guys are the real deal. Authentic. Real. Genuine. It's refreshing.”


“Brilliant. Do not change a thing. You are on a beautiful journey to change many lives; and I will be honored to join you. See you soon. Many thanks and love.”