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Who Are Jordan And Steve (The Founder Guys)

Jordan and Steve were two poor kids from Michigan working in the auto-industry and suffering from debilitating health issues. After they turned around their health, they helped others do the same, creating a $367,027/year part-time health consulting practice, laying the groundwork for a 7-figure online business. Now, through the "Practitioner Liberation Project," they're committed to helping you turn your passion for health into a successful online business...

Meet Some of Our Students...

Watch how these students used the Practitioner Liberation Project Material to build their online health business...

Meet Christopher

The Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist who narrowed his niche and in the 2nd year of his business, reached nearly $500,000 in revenue (completely replacing his old salary).

Meet Gabi

The Naturopath who raised her rates and STILL ended up with a 3-month waiting list of happy clients waiting to work with her (all in just a few short months).

Meet Dr. Koch

The OB/GYN who was overwhelmed in her clinic and wanted to help patients online. You’ll hear how how she generated $10,000 in new clients (and quit her day job at the clinic).

Meet Laura

The RD from North Carolina who used the PLP material on launching your first online product to make $25,000 (after seeing clients 1-on-1 for years).

Bonus Case Study: How Jaime Grew Her Online Nutrition Practice 503% Last Year

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