“The Best Problem To Have”: How This Practitioner Went From Clueless to New Clients Every Week

Bella Lindeman

Imagine this… it’s the day after completing your practitioner training course.

Your brain is brimming with knowledge and ideas for how to help people. You’re full of enthusiasm and passion for what you’ve learned.

You’re ready to help people, but there’s one big problem…

You have the knowledge to help people, you don’t actually have the people to help.

Every day, new practitioners are graduating from training courses like FDN, IPE, and IFM – and then saying “Now what?”Bella Lindemann was one of them.

Fortunately, she joined the Practitioner Liberation Project and in just 1 year went from a new grad to a successful practitioner. Her biggest struggle now? More potential clients than she can take on.

[Enter Bella]

Once I was aware that the Practitioner Liberation Project existed, there really was no obstacle for me to join. PLP was exactly what I was looking for as a newly graduated FDN Practitioner who was excited about her new career and helping people, but who really didn’t have a clue about how to attract the right clients or grow a business.

I had just moved back to Australia from living in the UK, had saved up enough money to give myself a year to set up my business and create a new life as a free-range human. My goal was and still is to work from anywhere in the world.

The cost of the course was initially something that I had to stop and consider. Mostly because the Australian dollar wasn’t doing too well when I was looking at joining up. But, the course paid for itself easily within my first year.

The PLP content covered off things that I didn’t even know mattered when setting up an online health practice. It really worked for me as a structured and organised person. I felt like I had a clear process to follow and learn about how to create and grow my business. A lot of the other courses I had looked into weren’t specific to health practitioners so I really gravitated to their targeted content. I felt like the specifics they delivered to me (their target market!) were invaluable for getting through the business set-up process without feeling overwhelmed or like it wasn’t achievable for someone with absolutely no business experience.

Fully online courses that are self-paced work for me. I liked the format where they opened up new content each week for us to action. I also love structure so having a Module Roadmap covering what was coming up was helpful to start understanding everything that needed to be done with setting up an online health business.

My three favorite things I learned during the course were:

  1. Free consultation calls. I use a personalised version of this for all of my free calls and it’s brilliant!
  2. Facebook advertising and scheduling. Facebook is my main social media hub and I generate most of my new referrals from here.
  3. Building your practice technology checklist and videos. There are so many options for appointment scheduling, payment, sales pages, etc and it was really helpful to hear what PLP have tried and use, and what others in the course were using.

After 12 months of referring back to PLP when I need, I am seeing my goal of 2 new clients per week. Just this week I had 10 free calls and I’m getting nervous about my 80% conversion rate with these as I really don’t have the capacity to take on 8 new clients in a week! It’s the best problem to have!

I am friends with other practitioners who graduated at a similar time to me, yet they have used other business professionals or are working it out themselves and they are sadly not as far ahead with their business set up as I am. I really do attribute this to PLP.

PLP and the community of like-minded professionals who become your peers are a highly motivated and knowledgeable group to be a part of. As an Australian practitioner, I feel like I belong to a team who are always happy to help and engage and support. It’s the content of the course and community of people who made the experience so achievable and effective for me.

March 2017 marks 1 year from when I started to use my PLP learnings and I am so grateful that PLP put themselves out there through the FDN training I completed. My business wouldn’t be where it is today without the Practitioner Liberation Project.

[Enter Steve]

Do you need more clients? Are you uncertain how to turn your passion and knowledge into a business that reaches the people who need your help?

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– Steve

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