How Melanie Turned a Good Idea Into a Successful Online Health Business


“Everyone who’s ever taken a shower has had an idea. It’s the person who gets out of the shower, dries off and does something about it who makes a difference.” ~Nolan Bushnell

Do you have a really good idea for something? Maybe it’s a new App or a children’s book. Or maybe it’s an idea for how you could use your gifts to better help those who are suffering.

Melanie, a physical therapist, had a really good idea. She wanted to combine functional nutrition principles with her work as a PT to better serve her patients. She knew she had the skills, and the idea was really good, but then she was stuck.

That’s where the Practitioner Liberation Project came in – it gave Melanie the step-by-step process for turning her good idea into a successful online practice.

Today, we’re excited to share Melanie’s story in her own words.

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(Enter Melanie)

“I have never wanted to be like everyone else and have always looked outside the box when treating someone”

Thank you for stepping beyond your fears and starting PLP which has then allowed us all to step beyond our own fears. I know I don’t have as much to offer as some people but I still have a voice and am able to reach a different audience than others. Physical therapists should be addressing nutrition, but unfortunately it’s more the western medicine model.

I have never wanted to be like everyone else and have always looked outside the box when treating someone. A person’s pain has many connections with their functional movement, emotional health, and gut imbalances and if those issues don’t get addressed then focusing on only the pain may help them temporarily but they will most likely be a repeat offender in the clinic. I would say 95% of my clientele in PT are clueless about nutrition and its benefits for improving their pain and inflammation. So yes, I have an audience and it has taken PLP to allow me to see that more.

The good news is the Physical Therapy Association just this year is starting to speak out about nutrition and the gut in relation to Musculoskeletal dysfunction. I like feeling like I am ahead of the game. I hope in the future I can be established as leader in this field where Physical Therapists and patients come to me for help either for personal nutrition or for learning how to include nutrition into their physical practice.

Starting Remedy Health and Wellness has given me the ability to listen more with my Physical Therapy and Nutrition clients to really hear what they are saying and be able to address their concerns. Beginning Remedy has also given me more drive to continue learning. The funny thing is, I started this to Inspire, Educate, and Empower others, but find that I myself am being Inspired, Educated, and Empowered daily as I walk in this journey.

“I didn’t know who to ask about the necessary steps for starting an online business”

I am a working mother and my time and money are used up quickly. I didn’t think we would be able to afford PLP financially, but my husband believed in what I wanted to do and was (and still is) my main support on this journey. I have been working as Physical Therapist for over 15 years and wanted more autonomy but without the headache of a brick and mortar slaving to insurance. I started with getting my food coaching and health coaching certifications so I could treat people on the side, but knew I needed to step out to do something bigger.

The PLP came across my Facebook page, with Robb Wolf’s face on it and I was interested so I listened to the first live phone call. It opened my eyes and gave me a vision for the type of business I could shoot for. An online business where I could work from home, use my passions and knowledge to help people and be able to reach a much broader range of people than just word of mouth in my own city.

Another main obstacle was having no idea where to start. I didn’t know who to ask about the necessary steps for starting an online business. Before PLP, I once met with a consultant who charged me $200 an hour. All we did was talk about what I had dreamed of doing but never about what I needed to do to achieve that dream.

I had no clue where to start! NONE! I had a business license and that was it. I also didn’t think I had enough credentials or knowledge to begin. PLP has given me step by step information and practical tools to be able to put my dreams into action. I am really enjoying having a voice. Knowing who I am speaking to (my niche) gives me a stronger more confident voice.

“I don’t want to be marketing a gimmick, or my body which the internet has enough of anyway”

What stands out to me the most is the part about marketing when Steve and Jordan mentioned the best kind of marketing is Educational marketing. I thought, YES! that is me, that is something I can get behind! That gives me hope and is doable and it doesn’t fade. I don’t want to be marketing a gimmick, or my body which the internet has enough of anyway. I can market inspiration, education and empowerment and that is what I chose my vision to be about.

I liked learning about the 10-4-1 marketing tools on Facebook. I appreciate the Facebook page where we can see people’s questions and answers that are helpful. Honestly the step by step process has not been overwhelming and I can learn as I go.

I would recommend PLP to other practitioners. WHY? I already have recommended it to a couple others who want to start an online health business. I would not be here without PLP.

Melanie Connell, PT, MTC, CHC

(Enter PLP Team)

We’re incredibly humbled to have been able to support Melanie on her journey. We’ve watched her ability to share her gifts with the world grow. It has been inspiring for the entire PLP team, and we hope it inspires you, too.

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