How to Use Your Energy as a Health Hero

A friend of mine lost 80 pounds. Everyone whispered behind his back about how proud they were of him.

It was sad…

Because no one was telling him how much of an inspiration he was, how good he was looking and how he was forcing our friends to examine their health.

He never heard his impact on us.

And it dawned on me that most of us never truthfully hear the impact we have on the people around us.

We are Batman, Superwoman, Heroes…

You are a hero. I am a hero. Jordan is a hero.

Our costumes resemble our everyday clothes, our gadgets are mostly supplements, and our capes are the positive energy vibes that our health struggles reverberate through the world.

Do you believe me? Is it hard to believe that YOU – yes, you are a hero?

I couldn’t really accept it for many years, so I get it if you’re denying it, if you’re shaking your head or even getting mad at me.

But keep reading. Because that energy is an indication that I’m on to something. Soon, I hope you’ll see that you’ve unknowingly started to become an unsung hero.

But, I’m Not 100% Healthy, I’m No Hero!

Of course you’re not.

SPOILER ALERT: There’s no such thing as 100% healthy, so stop waiting for it. It’s not coming. It’s impossible. Why? Because we are dynamic humans – we will always be changing.

The 100% health thing is an implied idea of finality, of completion, of steadiness. And it’s fake.

Till we die, we’ll always be a work in progress…

Just as all superheroes are. Remember the comics, the movies and the books – superheros are NOT perfect.

Superheroes are NOT always right. Superheroes learn new tricks and skills when they need to. Superheroes Fail. And they always get back up and keep trying to save the day…

Which is why we love them.

And this is who you are. You are a work in progress, you fail, you learn, you save the day sometimes, but most of all… You NEVER stop trying what you believe in.

And that, my friend, is what a hero is made of.

See, you may not know this but every superhero movie or comic follows almost the same plot. It’s called the Hero’s Journey. And believe it or not, your life – your fight for health – it’s a true life Hero’s Journey and it’s powered by some intense energy.

The Energy Coursing Through Your Veins


There’s a hero energy coursing through your veins. It’s a mixture of courageousness, determination, loving, caring and righteousness.

If even ever so faintly, I know you’ve felt it.

It’s part of who you are. And it’s part of every hero. It’s almost like our DNA.

Do you know what it’s like to be around you?

To watch you fight, struggle, to go against the grain, to get what you want? To make progress when the “respected normal members of society” said it wasn’t possible? To invent new ways, to heal yourself? To invest every last ounce of energy, money, time and life into this health journey?

It’s freaking inspiring!

Yes, it’s also scary, it’s tough to watch and experience sometimes. But I’ll be damned if someone doesn’t tell you how inspiring you are. If you look for it, you’ll find it.

Your kids, your spouses, your friends, your coworkers, your parents… skeptical at first, frustratingly negative at times, are ALL being affected. They are forced to feel this hero’s energy. Because that’s who you are. And that’s what you are doing in this life by overcoming your health challenges.

The question I have for you is, now that you are aware of this energy, where are you going to direct it?

The Choice of Directing Your Energy

This energy can be directed in two principle directions: internally and externally. And neither is right or wrong.

There are some of us who just naturally stay more internal. The determination, the courage, the success and failures – all that energy is re-circulated inside of us and keeps fueling the hero’s journey.

It’s a very powerful technique to circulate the energy, to keep it to yourself, in order to make you the healthiest, best and most productive person possible.

It helps you be an all-star mom, a rock star at work and a great addition to your social scene. In general, you keep the journey to yourself but people are still dramatically affected. And you know this, because when you are alone with them, they begin to ask you questions to try and open you up about it.

They are curious, they feel your powerful energy, they see the outward changes and they can’t help but wonder.

And that’s when you begin to share some of the energy externally.

The rest of us, we are more externally focused from the start. We can’t help but talk to our friends and family about what we are doing, about the “crazy” experiments we are trying, and the latest theory we are researching.

We circulate our energies externally by sending them out in the world and then getting energy back when those closest to us are drawn into the hero’s story we are creating.

Personally, I’m just naturally more externally focused, which is why I’m writing this article. It’s why I started this company, because I just can’t keep my mouth shut. I need to share my hero’s journey energy with the world. I have a deep desire to inspire you, to provide you with insights, to challenge you and hear about your story.

How to Get More of This Energy & Enjoy Your Journey More


I believe there’s a way for you, the hero, to get more of this energy – to enjoy your journey even more. And it starts with figuring out if you are more internally or externally focused.

If you are internally focused, a place for you to start is to observe this energy flow, to begin honoring it and recirculating it with a vengeance. Feel great about the fact that you are on your path and then allow it to manifest in the work you do, the smile you wear and the conversations you have.

When you feel grounded and powerful, the way in which you show up in the world will dramatically change. Remember, you are special, you are a hero on a journey and if your health isn’t where you want it yet… that’s all part of the amazing story you are creating.

If you are naturally externally focused with your energy, then it’s time to own this. And if you’re like me you’ve likely done it in ways that have been painful already – like getting up on soap boxes, trying to help loved ones who didn’t really ask for it and giving unsolicited health gifts.

I want to invite you to a new way to express this hero’s energy. Give it to people who are ready and willing to learn from you. Give it from a place of strength and create an external environment that supports this energy giving.

There are millions, if not a billion, sick people who need help. And most of them are months or years behind you. You may not have picture-perfect health, but you have knowledge and skills from your journey that these people need. We can’t help all of these people, just a fraction, and that’s why it’s so important that we get people like you who have the natural ability to help us change the world.

In other words, I believe you, the externally energy-focused person, are primed to make a career change. When you do that, energy that doesn’t seem to be coming back to you will start pouring in with such fierceness that it will make you tear up on a regular basis.

I’d suggest you check out this functional nutrition course, by my good friend Andrea. She’s the founder of Holistic Nutrition Lab (one of the best nutrition schools in the world because you learn how to actually solve issues with food). Then, when you feel even more confident in your health skills, empowered with your hero’s journey and some business skills… life for you will be RADICALLY different in just 12 months’ time.

I can’t wait to hear about it. Because I can tell you that until I was able to have a job that aligned with my journey, that allowed me to give my energy, I felt unfulfilled, suffocated and like I just didn’t fit in.

This training program will unlock the next steps you need.

It’s not an easy choice, but for a hero like you, it’s all part of the journey.

I honor you, you fill me up with energy, you are an inspiration. You, my friend, are a hero!


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