Proven 3-Step Model for 6-Figure Online Health Business

Have you ever asked an engineer for directions? It can be an excruciatingly painful experience. Many times, you’ll end up confused… staring at a napkin with a map of the whole city.

Instead, today I promise we’ll follow what’s called “The Law of Parsimony” (which basically states: the simplest answer is usually the best answer).

So, while engineers are famous for overthinking things (we do it all the time), today it’s all about proven, old-school, simple ideas that, if followed, will change your life, business (and the world).

It’s time to create your dream life of service and success.

There’s never been a better time for you to take your personal health journey, licenses and/or certifications and begin to serve the world – in a big way!

We rarely talk about the business of health, but we also know that when we first started it really helped us to see how other people did it and learned how to follow them. It helped us believe it was possible and showed us the steps forward when even getting the first sale seemed impossible.

Today, let us show you why…

  1. If you’ve got a license, certification or are working towards one, do you think you could get someone on the phone and give them free value for 15 minutes? I think you can and should.
  2. Do you think you could turn the same 15-minute conversation into 30 paying clients per month? Once you get the fundamentals and some practice, this is much easier than it seems.
  3. Do you think you could be making over $20,000 a month consulting with people, helping them restore their health and doing it from home? To get to this point is actually simple: follow in the steps of people who’ve done it.

In case you didn’t know, in January 2013, we launched our first public consulting program. That first month, we brought in $21,490, we saw 30 new clients, and we still had our engineering day jobs, so we only worked part-time (an average of 7.9 hours per week – total together, not each).

PLP Graph 1 Day2 v3

As you can see from the graph above, we not only kept up those numbers but almost always made more than that, helped more people, and continued working the same amount of hours.

How would seeing 30 clients and making $20,000 a month change your life?

And how would it be knowing that you’re helping that many people and have a whole lot of money in the bank?

Would you like to have a job you love and make this kind of money? Maybe that’s too much. What if you helped out people part-time and made $4,000 a month? How would that change your life and how you feel? I think that most of us, when we first start, would love to know we are helping people and make $20,000 our entire first year in business (Jordan and I lost thousands of dollars our first year).

But let’s get present. The fact is, you can have all this (and likely more) in your first year, once you have a proven consulting model and you understand how to work the levers of client attraction.

We want to show you exactly how we did it and help you change the world and create the life you want.

BONUS: “How We Created a $367,027 Part-time Health Practice (register for access)”

Whether you’re suddenly realizing you’re unhappy in your current job and want to turn your health passion into a career…

Or you’ve seen a few consulting clients, but can’t seem to get them to regularly beat down a path to your practice…

Or you’re ready to scale up to a FULL-TIME health consulting practice making well over $40,000 a month and helping the sick around the world in a big way…

We are going to show you the blueprint to make this happen. From part-time to full-time, in-person to online, MD to health coach, the blueprint works remarkably well for everyone.

Someone’s Going to Do It, 3 Reasons Why It Should Be You…

1) There’s more sick people than ever who need help. Each day, more and more people are firing their doctors and turning to other sources of help because they demand better results. And some of these sources don’t help these people. But you have ways to actually help them and it’s important you find each other.

The CDC of America reports that, as of 2012, roughly HALF of the adults in this country (117 Million people) had at least one chronic disease! This drops my heart to the floor. That’s so many sick people, and we’re only talking about one country. What about the rest of the world?

This is why we’re urging those of you with real skills and desire to step up and start finding these people, serving them, helping them, and saving their lives.

2) There’s more money (and access to it) than ever before on planet Earth. Never before in human history have we had such an abundance of money and a medium like the internet to connect people living anywhere on the globe.

And guess where a huge chunk of that money is changing hands?

As of 2014, the consulting market was a $431 billion Global, and $180.0 billion in the US, industry.

More dissatisfied sick people than ever PLUS more money and access than ever EQUALS the biggest OPPORTUNITY ever in the health consulting market.

And if you have the skills to help, but aren’t fully booked and happy with your consulting business, then we have a MAJOR problem to fix.

3) For the first time ever, there’s going to be a proven model you can follow. That’s what The Practitioner Liberation Program is all about; it’s about showing you how you can repeatedly gain new clients who are happy to work with you.

And if you’re not already, we are going to show you exactly where you might have a hole in your plan that if patched could stop the leak of clients not signing up.

With this new info, the time is now to become a highly paid healer. And the fun news is that while you might think you only want to help people one-on-one, if there’s even a slight idea buried in the back of your head that you’d like to create products that people buy while you sleep, then consulting is the perfect first step.

Because, to build a successful online business you need 3 pillars.

So, You Want an Online Business? (Here’s Something You Probably Haven’t Heard Before)


In the spirit of “behind the scenes,” let me share a little secret that many business teachers don’t want you to know…

A 7-figure online business is hard work. It’s blood, sweat, and tears. It’s late nights and long weekends. It’s not all “work from your laptop on the beach while the money rolls in.” And it takes time.

Jordan and I spent years working 90 hours a week, with a wild idea we were going to help people all over the world heal their guts. Sometimes we stayed up all night. Sometimes we skipped meals. Sometimes even our bank accounts had a negative balance…

But creating an online business isn’t a mystical unicorn.

In fact, there’s a PROVEN model that most of us who’ve done it have followed:

STEP 1: Build a Successful Consulting Practice

STEP 2: Create Amazing Products to Sell (and do it well)

STEP 3: Create Live Events and Serve Up a Great Experience

This 3-Pillar System is OLD SCHOOL and so it’s boring to talk about. It’s not sexy for a marketing guru to sell you, which is why many of the courses we’ve invested in over the years try to dress it up to seem different. They are trying to reinvent something to sell the “online business dream.”

This is a massive disservice. Remember the “Law of Parsimony?”

The simplest solution almost always wins. And this 3-pillar model still works like a charm.

I really wish we would have learned it a long time ago. Quitting our engineering jobs could have happened so much sooner!

It takes hard work and dedication, but here’s the fascinating part. To do it the fastest, the first step is always to build an amazing and successful consulting practice.

It sounds counter-intuitive, but let me explain.

Using Consulting to Shortcut All the Pain

What you might not realize is that working one-on-one with people, whether they are clients or patients, is the perfect place to build a rock-solid foundation of skills.

Here’s Why the 3-Pillar System Starts with Consulting:

  1. It gives you immediate and direct feedback to hone your craft and get even more skilled at helping people with their health
  2. You get to climb inside your clients’ minds. After seeing your first 100 clients, you’ll understand their wants, fears, frustrations, dreams, and the roadmap to getting them healthy (you’ll get to the point where you know them better than most of their loved ones do)
  3. It gives you the initial income to do what you love and avoid the dreaded split-focus of working an unfulfilling, energy-zapping day job while you try to create an online business

We tried to do it all the other ways; we built many products and did live events before we really understood consulting. And we were broke, working 2 jobs and wondering how we could ever make an impact on the world.

Here’s the bottom line: If you start with a successful health consulting practice and it’s your dream to someday transition to selling products while you sleep, you can do that.

The idea that if you build it they will come is a complete MYTH!

The TRUTH is your clients are out there right now, sick and searching for help… millions of them (they just can’t find you).

You not only have to build it, but you have to market it correctly. And marketing it correctly starts with truly understanding what they want – consulting gives you that.

It’s not sexy, but it’s proven and effective.

The Sexy Truth About Going Old-School

Here’s the deal: when we first started, we made lots of mistakes. We weren’t anywhere near the level of confidence we are now. Our goal is to make sure you don’t make these same costly mistakes.

We weren’t sure that following this idea would work either. There’s just not a lot of people who are talking about it. And that makes it kind of lonely and scary.

So, let’s remove those fears.

When you begin to build out the client-attraction methods we did, people will be waiting in a LONG line to come work with you. We didn’t believe it, so we didn’t stop them even when we had a 2-week waiting list. Then, suddenly we had a 3-month waiting list!

When you begin to use the principle of “help them first,” you can forever get rid of the “getting clients problem.”

PLP Graph 2 Day2 v3

As you can see, we repeated our 2013 success and revenues were continuing to grow in 2014. We show you this not to brag but to prove that this works and to begin the process of showing you how the model works.

Whether you have 10 hours a week or 40 hours a week, you can help people you care about and make a great income doing it.

If You’re Curious, We Want You to Take Away 3 Things:

  1. The time is now (someone else is going to if you don’t). There’s never been a time in history with more sick people, technology that allows services to be traded and more information about HOW to actually do it. Consulting is a massive market that is a perfect way to launch into your dream life.
  2. Use Old-School Parsimony Principles. Technology, Sparkles and New Ideas aren’t always better. In fact, many times they just complicate things. Sure, there’s new ideas and ways of building successful businesses, but that doesn’t invalidate the older ones – the ones that have been time-tested. Remember this, use models from people who’ve worked them first before teaching them.
  3. An online business has fundamentals that can’t be avoided. These are things like getting very clear on what kind of value you’re bringing to the table, honing your craft to repeatedly get results with people, understanding your market better than their loved ones, and having a clear understanding of business systems. And ALL of these will be learned if you set up a successful consulting practice. I wanted to skip steps to shortcut the process, but every step skipped causes a major breakdown later because you didn’t learn the lessons of that step. Consulting is a way to get paid to do what you love and become an expert in the fundamentals of online business.

I hope that this helps. We are looking forward to helping you improve the quality of people’s lives. So, here’s what we are doing…

FREE Online Presentation: “The Simple System That Helped Us Build a $367,027 Per Year PART-TIME Health Coaching Practice (and Turned It into a Massive 7-Figure Business)”

The “Practitioner Liberation Project” is our solution to all of this. It’s where we show you the step-by-step health consulting blueprint so you can replicate exactly what we’ve done…

Except in your own special way – giving your gifts to the world on a much bigger scale. You don’t need to be Jordan and Steve (actually, that’s a sure way to FAIL). You need to be more of you, which means getting crystal clear on who you help, how you help them and how the business of health works.

Here’s how this is going to work, register for the webinar presentation above and you’ll learn:

  • How To Stand Out in a Sea of Nutrition Pros – Without Being Weird or Outrageous
  • Our Exact 6-Figure Coaching Blueprint (and How You Can Use it Right Now)
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  • The 3 Marketing Pipelines We Used to Build Our Coaching Practice Consistently, Month After Month
  • How to Turn Your Health Passion into a 7-Figure Online Business (and How Consulting Makes it Possible)

And we’ll have some other amazing ideas that we hope you start doing right away after the presentation.

Until then, I want you to remember that you matter. Watch this video.


From nothing to a waiting list of clients, we’re sharing everything on our journey to a 38,073/month online health practice