3 Truths of Successful Online Health Businesses

I never thought our little SCD Lifestyle blog would allow me to quit my job…

But one day, in our 4th year doing this, I quit my engineering job. I walked away. I took the leap.

People have asked me what it was like. Did I throw a party? Fly to a beach somewhere?

Pop champagne?

No. In fact, the truth is it was scary!

That day we really went for it, my heart was racing. I felt hot. I felt dizzy.

What was I thinking? What if we fail? Could this really put food on the table for my kids?

Instead of celebrating, I immediately started working my @ss off…

It didn’t hit me until later, but that decision was a pivotal milestone in our growth from a little blog to a 7-figure online health business with a growing team of 8 employees…

And part of a bigger mission of helping millions of people.

Many of you have asked for more “behind the scenes” details about how we were able to turn our passion for health into a full-time career over the last 6 years.

So, we’re going to pull back the curtain and share details about how we got to where we are today… and teach you how to do it too.

The Math of a 7-Figure Online Health Business

The moment our business crossed into the 7-figures wasn’t really a big deal, and believe me this isn’t some thinly-veiled, humble brag…

To be honest, the real moment I’ll always remember, the moment I’ll treasure forever, was the night we made our first sale online 6 years ago.

It was for $27.

The email notification came through from our shopping cart, “You’ve made a sale.”

I was screeching like a Brazilian monkey. I called Steve. We celebrated. I cried a little.

The excitement pulsed through my body for days.

It was one of the biggest moments of my life – right up there with my kids being born.


Because that was the moment I saw the power of helping people all over the world. That was the moment I realized creating a successful online health business that helps hundreds of thousands of people came down to one simple thing:


It was something I learned from one of our mentors Ramit: If you want a business that makes a Million Dollars, it’s all about simple math. How many people can you add value to in the world? How many lives can you change?

The more value you create, the more lives you change, the more money your business will generate.

It really is simple math.

For example, you can do it a few ways:

  • $50 information product X 20,000 sales helping people = $1,000,000
  • $200 hourly rate X 5,000 hours helping people = $1,000,000

Or a combination of both:

  • $50 information product X 10,000 sales helping people = $500,000
  • $200 hourly rate X 2,500 hours helping people = $500,000

I get it, this is overly simplistic. But hey, it’s just to make a point: it really is all about the math. You may not have thought about it. It might’ve seemed like something that was unattainable. But the more change you create in the world, the more people you help, the more money your business will generate.

That’s how we did it.

And you can, too.

The Straight Truth on How to Help More People


Over the years, we’ve realized 3 key factors that helped us become successful. These are the three main points we share with people that email us about starting their own health business.

These are things no one has probably told you.

We’ll call them “Straight Truths About Business.”

In fact, these are the three points that motivated us to create our “Practitioner Liberation Project” earlier this year.

We’re going to dive into these more over the next week, but here’s a taste of what it takes to start a successful online health business.

1) To Be Successful, Help People Like You

Have you heard of our “Time Machine Rule”?

It says this: we only create and build things we wish we could go back and give ourselves when we were sick…

That’s why we started SCD Lifestyle and wrote our first eBook: we were giving ourselves the important health info we wish we would have had. Then it continued on for every article, podcast, video, and product we’ve ever made.

The straight truth: You must be passionate about the person you help, or you won’t make it.

In the last 6 years, we’ve written over 500 articles, created over 100 hours of products, and worked 60-80 hours a week.

That takes drive. It takes passion.

And without it, we would have given up in the first year.

We’ve found that if you can find a group of people that are like you in some way, the passion to continue to help them over and over again will be stronger.

Steve and I both had terrible digestive problems. It was embarrassing. It was scary. It was life-threatening. We both hated being stuck in jobs that didn’t create a better world.

And that’s why those are the people we help. And that’s also why we’ve been able to keep doing it all these years.

Think about your “hero’s journey” and what you’ve been through in your life.

When you think about starting an online health business, how could you help people just like you? How could you go back in time and help yourself years ago?

It’s not a requirement… there are exceptions to every rule, but it goes a LONG way to making sure you’re successful.

2) Successful People Never. Give. Up.

The last few years, we’ve had the honor of becoming friends with more and more successful people in the health industry – people with 7 and 8-figure businesses.

And I found something very very interesting:

These people aren’t smarter than the average person. They don’t come from some special pedigree where they learned business from childhood. They didn’t get some special marketing or business degree…

They just did something most people aren’t willing to do. They never gave up.

That’s it. They hit adversity. They hit walls. They hit moments when they wanted to give up. But through it all, they believed in their mission and never stopped.

The straight truth: It’s not easy.

It might be simple math, but it’s definitely not easy.

That’s what separates successful people from those that fail. The people that failed are the ones that just plain gave up.

Look at our growth over the last 6 years:


Things were tough in the beginning. In our first full year in business, we only did $7,000 in sales (and in fact, lost $10,000). We didn’t pay ourselves a single dime until after year 3! What if we had given up then? What if we quit because it sucked to lose that much money? Or work another full-time job and not get paid for it?

We never would have reached the success that hit in 2014.

And I can honestly tell you: there were hundreds of days where I was ready to quit – when I thought I didn’t have it in me to keep going. But the next morning I reached down and found the will to push through deep down inside me.

I knew it was about something bigger than me. It was about the millions of sick people.

And the same goes for you.

Your mission in this world is important. And if you can stay connected to it, you’ll have what it takes to never give up.

3) Successful People Learn From Mentors

When you’re building a successful online health business… you will get stuck! We call it “hitting the wall.”

It can sneak up in the very beginning, when you’re just imagining starting a business that turns your passion for health into a career. You might just get stuck thinking about what the first step is, it’s actually very common.

On the other hand, it can hit you like a freight train even if you’ve already got a business. You might be stuck trying to figure out how to transition from a physical practice to an online business.

It actually doesn’t matter where you are now because…

The straight truth: You will hit a wall. And another wall. And another…

Everyone hits walls. We hit walls almost every month. They used to hurt A LOT more when we were just starting out.

We all want to be successful, we want to have a business that makes more money, helps more people, and live a lifestyle we’ve always dreamed of…

But when you’re standing looking up at the wall it seems daunting and not surpassable. Those are the times when the fear creeps up.

“What was I thinking? Why am I doing this? I’m not good enough. I don’t deserve it. I’m not smart enough or talented enough.”

And it’s easy to give into those fears and quit… to give up… to fail.

To be honest: most people that try to start a health business do fail.

It can come from so many places:

  • Lack of marketing skills
  • Lack of business knowledge
  • Lack of technology skills
  • Lack of legal knowledge
  • Lack of application of knowledge
  • Lack of ability to push through the fear
  • Lack of time to figure out what actually works
  • Lack of community to help through the tough times
  • And finally, a lack of accountability to your chosen path when tests come your way

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

In fact, one of the most powerful ways we’ve been able to get unstuck, explode our business, and help millions of people was one simple thing:


Mentors and their wisdom.

Without their wisdom, we wouldn’t be where we are today. In fact, we’ve always found and hired mentors that have done what we want to do. We learn from them. We ask for help when we get stuck. And we never try to do it alone.

Learning from people that have done what you want to do is critical. It’s one of the most important “truths” to starting an online health business – one that you can take action on today…

TO DO TODAY – Let Us Help Your Health Business…

If you’ve been working on a health business for months, or even years, or just starting to think about it – we want to help you make sure you’re successful.

We want to help you learn from the mistakes we made (and how we’d do things different now).

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